Our Process

Girl with Squabbling AdultsDo you believe that there is something “just not right” about your child’s education? Does it seem that your child’s school does not “get it” – even though you have tried to explain the problem? At Calian and Gross, LLP, we firmly believe that a parent’s instinct about their child is usually right.

Initial Consultation
Because we value your input, we want to hear to your concerns, impressions, fears and dreams for your child. During our initial consultation, we ask that you tell us about your child’s educational needs and experiences. We will want to know about your child’s social and emotional life in the classroom, at school, and at even at home. We will discuss your child’s educational history and explore how your child’s needs are and are not being met in the current educational setting. During our discussions, we will listen to your concerns as well as your goals for this process.

Forming a Strategy
Our first step, after you retain us as counsel, will be to conduct a thorough review of your child’s educational records, including IEP documents, 504 plans, tests and evaluations, grades, attendance records, relevant medical records, and school correspondence. (Of course, we will keep confidential all private information.) We will then work with you to develop a strategy for realizing your goals.

Representing Your Interests
Throughout our representation of you, we will communicate with you often, keeping you apprised of developments, making recommendations and seeking your input in key strategic decisions. We will zealously represent your child’s interests and endeavor to achieve the best possible educational outcome. With us on your side, you will no longer be alone in your effort to support your child in school.