About Us

The high cost of legal services often prevents families from asserting their rights and obtaining services to which they are entitled by law.  We formed Calian & Gross, LLP to provide quality special educational legal services at a more affordable price.  It is our goal to extend legal services to a broad range of families throughout the North Shore and Greater Chicago-land area.  Our law office, located in downtown Evanston, is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Our experience – both personal and professional – has ignited our passion for defending and expanding the educational rights of children with special needs.  It has also equipped us with the expertise to obtain the services, supports or placement that your child needs.  We understand the school system and its players and we have a firm grasp of the applicable state and federal laws and regulations.  We will aggressively represent your interests, whether that means zealously advocating for your child at an IEP meeting, communicating with school personnel on your behalf, or instituting legal proceedings.

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