Special Education Attorneys

The law firm of Calian & Gross, LLP is dedicated to helping children with special needs obtain the educational services to which they are entitled by law. 

A child with a disability has unique challenges – health, developmental, mental, physical or social/emotional – that “typically developing” children do not have. These challenges permeate every facet of a child’s life – from family life to interactions with peers.

Unfortunately, many children with special needs also struggle in school – not just with the disability, but also because school personnel or administrators are unable or unwilling to provide the support that they need to succeed.

When school is not going smoothly for a child with special needs, nothing goes smoothly. The child may “act out” at home, refuse to go to school, develop sleep-disorders, or become physically ill. School friction also disrupts family life, fraying sibling relationships and leaving embattled parents feeling isolated and ineffectual.

At Calian & Gross, we’re committed to helping families out of this educational abyss. Our mission is to help parents navigate the often bewildering labyrinth of school bureaucracy and special education law.

We assess your needs and tailor our services accordingly. Some examples of the matters on which we can assist you include:

  • comprehending results of standardized testing and using them to your child’s advantage;
  • writing letters to school administrators;
  • supporting you at IEP or 504 plan meetings;
  • recommending therapeutic interventions, educational programs and placements;
  • understanding confusing IEP documents;
  • responding to disciplinary actions;
  • seeking alternative educational placements;
  • representing your child’s interest in manifestation hearings, due process proceedings, mediation, dispute resolution and settlement negotiations.

Whatever your situation, our goal is to obtain a high quality special education for your child.

As lawyers, mothers and family members of individuals with special needs, we understand that you want what all parents want for their children: an education that prepares them to lead productive, fulfilling and maximally independent lives in the community.

Let us put our professional skills and personal commitment to work for you on this journey.